"Everything that I have learned during my time at CBTS has helped me in my ministry.”

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Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary

CBTS offers four Master’s level degree programs. We have two ministerial leadership degrees, Master of Divinity and Master of Christian Ministry. Both of these degrees can be earned either fully on campus or by online learning.

We also offer two general theological studies degrees, Master of Biblical Studies and Master of Christian Studies. Both can be earned either on campus or 100% online. Learn more about our online options.

Prior to enrolling in the seminary applicants must have successfully earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Degrees from unaccredited schools will be considered on an individual basis.

Whether preparing to serve the Lord in some vocational ministry or just deepening their own knowledge and appreciation of the Christian faith, on campus or in a virtual classroom, students learn in a community that values academic excellence, practical training, and commitment to Christ as Lord.


What Grads Say

My experience at CBTS has helped me grow in my relationship to the Lord.
I would recommend this school to a friend.
My time here has prepared me for Christian ministry.

Pre-Seminary Studies

The Office of Admissions is available to counsel any prospective student about their course of study at any stage of their undergraduate career. Learn more about Pre-Seminary Studies.

Contact the admissions office.

Occasional Students

An occasional student takes courses for credit without being fully admitted into one of our degree programs. All courses taken by an occasional student are fully transferable into a degree program, though they do not guarantee admission into the college or seminary. 

An individual wishing to take college or seminary courses as an occasional student must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to apply for undergraduate courses, or hold a completed bachelor’s degree to be considered for graduate courses. The prospective student must complete the Occasional Student Application Form and submit the application fee. Occasional students are limited to two courses per semester and can take up to a maximum of 15 total credit hours. Those who wish to continue studies beyond this limit must enroll in a program of study. Payment of student fees gives occasional students access to the library along with other student benefits. 

Please note that occasional students cannot apply for reduced housing rates on campus or student scholarships and tuition benefits. 

 For more information or to apply, please contact the Registrar, Tamara Mitton.

Audit Students

An audit student sits in on undergraduate or graduate courses purely for the purpose of benefitting from the course content, rather than taking a course for credit. Audit students do not take tests or examinations or write papers for evaluation by the instructor. They are encouraged to complete reading assignments but they do not participate in class discussions or ask questions.

An individual wishing to audit a course must meet the educational requirements for the respective course being audited (a high school diploma or its equivalent for an undergraduate course, or a completed bachelor’s degree for a graduate course). The prospective audit student must complete the Audit Student Application Form and must pay the audit library fee to use the library. Audit students can audit up to two courses per semester.

For more information or to apply, please contact the Registrar, Tamara Mitton.

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