May 2023 One Week Courses

Daily 9am - 4pm

May 8-12

Seminary Level

Church Planting – 2 hours

An introduction of the essential principles of starting and multiplying New Testament churches in the diverse North American context. This course will establish the biblical, spiritual, and strategic foundations for church planting. Students will be assisted in selecting and developing the church planting models that are best suited to them in light of their calling, giftedness and especially, their context. An optional practicum may be available May 15-19 for additional credit.

Church Planting One Week Course

May 15-19

Worship One Week Course

Seminary Level

Worship – 2 hours

This course presents the importance and nature of public worship, giving attention to the biblical directives for worship; the theology of worship; the development of skills in leading worship services; and the appropriate use of music and other media in worship.

May 29-June 2

Theology of Marriage, Singleness, Offspring, and Family. One Week Course

College & Seminary Level

Theology of Marriage, Singleness, Offspring, and Family – 2 hours

This course explores marriage, singleness, offspring, and family from the perspective of the biblical redemptive-historical storyline. The course engages contemporary theological questions, with a focus on effectively engaging contemporary challenges on marriage and family faced by pastors and Christian leaders.

These courses are only offered for in-person learning.

Tuition for those taking courses for credit:

  • Seminary, $910 + $15 registration fee
  • College, $760 + $15 registration fee.

You can also attend as an Audit Student or an Occasional Student.

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