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The buildings and furnishings on our campus are both beautiful and extremely functional. Most people are amazed to discover that the vast majority of construction, including our furniture, was built by volunteer labour. Because of the growth that the Lord continues to bring, we are constantly needing more space. The exceptional volunteer work force that the Lord has provided has allowed us to save substantial costs in construction.

There will always be work that can be done, especially during the summer season when construction takes place. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us and we’ll give you all the information you need. We are always grateful for the wonderful volunteers that God sends our way.

Seminary Ambassadors

We have often been told that our seminary is one of the best kept secrets around. Due to limited budgets and the high cost of advertising, we aren’t able to promote the seminary as much as we would like through print and other media. This causes us to rely more heavily on word of mouth, which is always the best way to spread great news anyway!

If you know of people that God may be calling to ministry, we encourage you to have them check out the CBT as a place to pray about attending for ministry preparation. We believe that we offer one of the finest programs to prepare people for the assignments to which God has called them.

You may also know of those who would visit, pray for, volunteer or financially support the seminary. We would encourage you to tell them about us! We would be happy to provide you with literature or other information to help you share all that the seminary has to offer. If you prefer, you can forward contact information to us, and we’ll be happy to be in touch with those who are interested.

We have “Seminary Ambassador” business cards available that we would be happy to send to you. Contact us, we’d love to partner with you.

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