"It was a comprehensive study of various disciplines that are used in ministry. When I explained what the MDiv was to people, I said it was a degree in everything Christian related."

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MDiv (Fast Track)

Degree Outcomes

The Master of Divinity (Fast Track) is designed for students who have had significant undergraduate preparation in biblical and Christian studies culminating in a baccalaureate degree from the Canadian Baptist College at the Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary or from a similar accredited Bible college or Christian university. This track allows students to receive advanced standing in the Master of Divinity degree for certain select courses based on previous study, thus reducing unnecessary repetition and saving students time and money.

The goals and outcomes for the MDiv (Fast Track) are the same as for the standard Master of Divinity degree. Students in the MDiv (Fast Track) will take select core Master of Divinity courses plus approved electives in the areas for which they receive advanced standing.


Requirements for Admission

Admission to the MDiv (Fast Track) will be determined after a thorough evaluation of the applicant’s undergraduate transcript in light of the prerequisite requirements necessary for the program. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in the college courses required for the MDiv (Fast Track) and an overall 3.0 for their undergraduate degree. Qualifying students must be less than 5 years removed from their baccalaureate graduation.

To demonstrate writing ability, applicants must submit a graded research paper from their undergraduate program. If a suitable paper is not available, applicants will be asked to write an essay/paper demonstrating their writing and research ability as well as discussing why they are qualified to participate in the MDiv (Fast Track) program.

Applicants interested in the MDiv (Fast Track) must apply to the traditional Master of Divinity degree and indicate in their application that they would like to be considered for the MDiv (Fast Track). Admission to the Fast Track program will be considered upon admission to the MDiv.

Undergraduate Prerequisites

Substantial undergraduate preparation shall consist of the following subject areas and semester credit hours:

Old Testament6
New Testament6
Christian Theology3
Church History3
Bible Interpretation3
Preaching/Pastoral Ministry6
Total credit hours30

Any graduate level courses taken towards meeting the prerequisite requirements for the MDiv (Fast Track) cannot be counted towards the degree itself. In addition, due to the reduced amount of total hours for the MDiv (Fast Track), students in this program are not allowed to earn credits through the Advanced Standing Academic Policy (ASAP).

M.Div. (Fast Track)
Core Courses
2L1311Biblical Hebrew I3
2L1312Biblical Hebrew II3
2L2311Biblical Greek I3
2L2312Biblical Greek II3
2T2311Christian Ethics3
2T1311Christian Theology I3
2T1312Christian Theology II3
2P1311Preaching I3
2P1312Preaching II3
2E2311Effective Teaching
& Disciple-Making
2I1211Church Planting2
2C1221Biblical Counselling2
2C1243Dealing with Conflict2
2P2241Capstone Ministry I3
2P2242Capstone Ministry II3
Choice Courses
Choose 13 credit hours from the following:
2B3311Biblical Interpretation3
2H1311History of Christianity3
2P3231Spiritual Leadership2
2P3215Spiritual Formation2
2P2311Pastoral Ministry3
OT Studies3
NT Studies3
Thoelogical/Historical Studies3
Free Electives**6
Total credit hours for (MDiv) - FAST TRACK66*

* Plus 30 hours of prerequisites

**Free electives may include 8 credit hours of optional internship experience beyond the 4 hours of required Capstone Ministry I & II, depending on availability of internship opportunities. Additionally, qualifying students may complete a 4 credit hour Capstone Thesis.

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