"The willingness of the faculty to offer electives along the lines of student interest was particularly helpful, allowing me to specialize in the areas I will need for my Ph.D."

Seminary Graduate

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Degree Outcomes

  1. Graduates will have gained skills for in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments, including facility in the biblical languages, interpretation, and application.
  2. Graduates will have demonstrated a critical awareness and life application of their understanding of Christian theology, ethics, and history.
  3. Graduates will have learned to engage lostness through evangelism, church planting, and cross-cultural missions.
  4. Graduates will have grown in skills of disciple-making and teaching.
  5. Graduates will have gained skills for shepherding God’s people.
  6. Graduates will have gained a better understanding of self and what it takes to counsel others.
  7. Graduates will have integrated knowledge and experience through ministry practice.
  8. Graduates will have grown in Christlikeness.


Program Description

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is an 85 credit hour professional graduate degree designed to equip pastors and other Christian ministers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for their calling. It is the standard theological degree obtained by clergy across North America.

This degree surveys all major areas of biblical, theological, historical, and practical disciplines related to Christian ministry. Elective courses addressing a variety of subjects complement the core curriculum and equip students for ministry specialization.

Requirements and Completion

  1. The prerequisite for this degree is a BA degree, or its equivalent, from an accredited college or university.
  2. A total of 85 credit hours is required for the completion of the degree.
  3. At least 12 credit hours must be completed on campus to provide regular and substantive student-faculty interaction to facilitate achieving the degree outcomes.

The Canadian Baptist Theology Seminary and College is recognized by the Province of Alberta, and the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). This degree is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit under the DLI number 019256741082.

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Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Biblical and Language Studies
2B1311Old Testament I3
2B1312Old Testament II3
2B2311New Testament I3
2B2312New Testament II3
2B3311Biblical Interpretation3
2L1311Biblical Hebrew I3
2L1312Biblical Hebrew II3
2L2311Biblical Greek I3
2L2312Biblical Greek II3
Theological and Historical Studies
2T1311Christian Theology I3
2T1312Christian Theology II3
2T2311Christian Ethics3
2H1311History of Christianity3
Leadership Studies
2P3231Spiritual Leadership2
2P1311Preaching I3
2P1312Preaching II3
2P2311Pastoral Ministry3
2E2311Effective Teaching
& Disciple-Making
Missional Studies
2I1211Church Planting2
Character and Praxis
2P3215Spiritual Formation2
2C1221Biblical Counselling2
2C1243Dealing with Conflict2
2P2341Capstone Ministry I3
2P2342Capstone Ministry II3
Free Electives**10
Total credits hours for Master of Divinity (MDiv)85

**Free electives may include 8 credit hours of optional internship experience beyond the 4 hours of required Capstone Ministry I & II, depending on availability of internship opportunities. Additionally, qualifying students may complete a 4 credit hour Capstone Thesis.

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